Take Five Week 2024: Introducing our new ‘ScamSceptible’ tool

For Take Five Week 2024, we are excited to launch our ‘ScamSceptible’ tool and concept. ScamSceptible is the idea that scammers can try to take advantage of how we are feeling and sometimes, we might be more susceptible to their tactics. In the right environment, on the right day, every person is ScamSceptible – and fraudsters know this well.

We want to empower people to stop and think when faced with requests for personal or financial information by highlighting how our emotions and daily life can influence our susceptibility to fraud.

What is the ‘ScamSceptible’ test?

To help you gauge how susceptible you may be to scams on a given day, we’ve developed an interactive tool so people can test how susceptible they might be to a scam on any given day. The purpose is to help people to understand the link between the emotions and environmental factors that criminals can take advantage of, and to help people keep their guard up when faced with potentially fraudulent activity. This easy-to-use online quiz takes just a few minutes to complete with questions with a slide scale of response options which have been developed with psychology expert Dr David Modic.

How Does It Work?

The test takes into account factors such as:

  • Emotional state: How stressed or overwhelmed are you compared to usual? Emotional extremes can sometimes cloud our judgment.
  • Environment: Are you in a hurry or distracted? Certain environments can make you more prone to overlooking red flags.
  • Sleep: How much sleep have you had compared to usual? Less sleep could make you less confident in spotting those requests for personal or financial information.

Once completed, the test provides you with a low, medium, or high ‘ScamSceptibility’ score with tailored tips on how you can reduce your risk of falling victim to scams.

Take the test today!


Share and Protect

Knowledge is most powerful when shared! We encourage you to take the test and share it with your friends, family, colleagues or community. Discussing your results can open up important conversations about personal safety and digital security. The more aware you are, the better you can protect yourself and your loved ones from a criminal’s tactics.



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